Month: February 2023

A Book of Tears

Lana Vawser released a power Powerful Prophetic Word titled,

I Had A Dream and Saw Books Dropping From Heaven. On February 13, 2023

When reading it, I felt to reread it later and finally printed it.

In the middle of the night I reread the Word and then put up my hand and took three of the Books.

Then I heard the LORD say:

A Book of Tears

I AM releasing a Book of Tears, tears for the lost, tears for those that need to cry out to Me, and come to the knowledge that I AM Jesus, their Savior and LORD, tears for those in suffering and pain, and I AM releasing tears for the persecuted church.  I AM releasing tears of My Love, even for you My precious child, even for you, for I see, and I hear, and I know the fellowship of your suffering.

It has not gone unnoticed to Me My daughter.  Know that I AM releasing a Book of Tears that you might weep in a new way for the lost, that you might weep in a new way for those that are bound and imprisoned by the darkness of this world. I AM releasing a Book of Tears that will one day, turn to joy.  Do not be afraid to weep My child, do not be afraid to weep.

I AM releasing to you a Book of Tears, a language the world does not understand, but I understand. I AM empowering you. I AM empowering you to pray, and to watch over this Book of Tears, for those should be shed for My glory and you shall weep, and you shall cry, and you shall see the moving of My hand in the lives that you weep for.

You shall see the moving of My hand, even in the lives of leaders that are lost, as you watch and pray, and weep My tears of intercession. I AM the intercessor that sits at the right hand of My Father, and My child, My precious child, I weep! I wait!  I wait!

Do not be afraid to weep My child, do not be afraid to cry out to Me. Do not fear the trial, the things that are coming on the earth, for they must come to pass. My child know that I AM standing with you. I weep with you; I weep for you many times when I have seen the things that you have suffered. The unkindness and the injustice I weep for, I see it all, but Says the LORD it is not forever, and the tears, the language of love are never wasted.

Know that the tears that you shed shall not be wasted, but will be bottled, the tears that you shed will be bottled in Heaven. Rest in My Word, watch and pray, and see Me move, for I AM the LORD.

You number my wanderings; Put my tears into Your bottle; Are they not in Your book?  Psalm 58:8 (NKJV)

February 16, 2023

Patricia Hamel

Have Posted Lana Vawser’s Prophetic Word here so you will have full understanding of my post.


February 13, 2023

Recently I had a dream and I saw books that were dropping from heaven and on the bottom of these books, they looked like they had long strings attached to them.

There was such a heavy sense in the dream of ‘revelation’ that was being released from heaven right now and there was also the sense of the call to ‘intentionality’ to take hold of the revelation that He was releasing.

As I watched these books coming out of heaven, I heard the Lord say:

“There are books being released from heaven in this season that are going to have some of the greatest impact in changing lives that has ever been seen.”

When the Lord spoke these words, there was such a weight to really take hold of what He was releasing.

There was such a weight on that ‘increase’ of revelation that He is pouring out right now, and there was also a very heavy weight and sense of the increase of the move of God that is happening right now, He is pouring out in unprecedented ways through many different areas right now, but there is a move of His Spirit in exponential increase through the manuscripts and books He is having many scribe that are going to change lives in ways that we have never seen.

This was not to discount what He has done before through manuscripts and how He will continue to move through what has already been scribed in incredible ways: but the emphasis was heavily upon the “INCREASE” of revelation that He is releasing now, that was going to bring unprecedented change and transformation.

The heart of the Lord in this dream was clear:





There is a very special place we are being invited into in this hour to receive revelation of what He is saying, what He is speaking, what He is revealing through His Word, what the Spirit is saying, with a level of clarity, wisdom, and heavenly articulation like we have never seen before.

Finally, there was a sombre part of this dream, when I looked up and I saw many books coming down out of heaven, many of these books were just ‘hovering’ with these strings hanging down.

As I looked at them again, the sense hit me strongly, many of these books have not been picked up. They have not been taken hold of.

I could feel His heart at the weight of opportunity and partnership with Him, upon us and the almost urgency to apprehend that which He is releasing.

There was so much revelation, so many books waiting to be apprehended. More encounters with Him, what’s on His heart and revelation of His

Word that He wants PENNED and SCRIBED in this hour, that has just not been taken hold of. It’s available NOW.

For those called to write, ferociously take hold of what He is releasing, what is available right now.

Don’t miss it because of distraction, weariness, battle, discouragement or whatever may try to take your focus.

Be ferocious in your focus to position yourself to receive what is being released.

“There are books being released from heaven in this season that are going to have some of the greatest impact in changing lives that has ever been seen.”