Word of the Lord

The Word of The Lord

Through Patricia Hamel, January 12, 2023

I am giving you a new suit of armor because you have outgrown the old.

You are being outfitted in this new armor to fight new battles and you are going to walk as overcomers through each battle that you face.

I the Lord your God am walking with you. You are not walking alone. My angels have been placed alongside you to help you fight and win. As you praise my holy name, through the battles they shall arise and raise their shields and bring a new protection over your life.

Fret not at the circumstances that you see but look at Me for I the Lord your God will take care of you.

You have been given new weapons of warfare; they look the same, but these are sharp weapons that are fit for the threshing floor to defeat the enemy of your soul. You shall take a new stand without fear of man. You will not fear to approach the enemy’s camp and overrun him.

Dare to be a Daniel in this hour and dare if necessary to stand in the fire, for there is one in the fire with you. There are yet many battles to overcome but you are overcomers who walk with me in white and your name will not be blocked out of the book of life.

Feed on my Word and drink the living waters from it daily, for it will sustain you through the deepest of conflicts. Drink from the living Word and feed on it for it is meat to those that are mature in faith.  Eat the meat of my Word and chew on it. Ponder it and I will bring new revelation as to what I am speaking to the church in this hour, for I am indeed speaking. 

Time in prophetic intercession is necessary and it is needful for you to gather in the war room of the Lord your God and get instruction. I will give out my battle plans to those that wait in my presence.  Wait on Me, and I will give you a new fresh word in season, for my servants the prophets.  My prophets often hear but they need to hear deeply by spending much time in my presence. Call my prophets together and tell them I am calling them to the wall for times of fellowship, instruction, and intercession.

The Word is sharp, and I will feed them a word in season and words of direction for my people. It is only as they spend time at my feet will they have fresh instruction to offer hope and encourage my people.  Being a prophet, a true prophet is being a friend of God.  Prophet of God it is to you I am speaking but I am delivering you this word not because you are special but because you were available to hear and seek me this night.

The armies of the Lord are being gathered and you are being gathered for war. There is a war against my church that is taking place in the light and in the dark places and I am saying, arise, fear not and fight the battle. You must fight without fear and win.  Defeat the strongholds from the prayer closet, and together. They shall be defeated and come down in Jesus’ name. Cover everything in the blood of Jesus, your families, your friends, your home, and possessions and all you have been blessed with and do not fear sharing in this hour because my body is one.

My bride will be fed by me in the times ahead, she shall be sustained by heaven and those in the earth that have been put in place and commissioned to be that which they need. My hand is not shortened that it will not save, I am calling on my bride to do the work of ministry to a lost and dying world.  I am calling you to speak my words in love, preaching a salvation that is love, a salvation that is free, but that can cost you everything. 

The truth of my Word must be preached to the ends of the earth, freely you have received, freely give. Pray for your nation, pray for the nations for they are hanging in the balance.  Pray for the United States of America. She is standing in the balance. Pray for Canada for she is hanging in the balance. Pray, pray, pray that the will of the Lord be done on earth in these nations and that the leadership bends or is removed. 

Pray for the perversion to be defeated. Pray for the issue of abortion because the blood shed on the land is something I see and cannot but judge if it is not repented of and stopped. Now is the time, the hour is late, and it is much later than my children even see. The hour is late. It is the eleventh hour and behold, I am coming this time as the King of Kings and Lord of Glory to judge those that do not have the blood of Jesus as their covering. Accepting the Lord Jesus Christ is the only way to be saved and come to the truth and there is no other way under heaven where man can be saved.

Repentance is needed in the land and without repentance judgment will come. I am longsuffering not willing that any should perish but now is the day of salvation and you must preach my Word in love and truth.  A repentant gospel must be preached and if the truth is preached, it will bring in souls, but it will also bring persecution.  Come now and let me be your first love. I am calling the church to repent of sin and find their first love.